The Exhibition

How does perception work – and what kinds of senses are there? The first part of the exhibition presents a variety of difference senses and shows how they work.

Our senses help us find our way, our food and even our partner. But what senses do we need for which life situations? In the second part of the exhibition, specific examples will demonstrate which senses plants and animals use to master the most important tasks they face: they use sophisticated strategies to make their way to the object of their desire (partner or food), find their destination or communicate information.


The topics discussed here are conveyed with the help of impressive exhibition objects such as animal displays, models we created in-house, illustrations and informative texts. There’s even more, though: not only can you experience the exhibition with all of your senses, you can discover it hands-on! For example, there are interactive stations where you can test your own senses and see how other creatures use theirs. An animated film invites you on a journey of the imagination through the wonderland of the senses while also giving you a chance to relax and slow down in between.

That said, you will need your own creativity as well: what kind of animal or plant senses do you wish you had? Several stations are designed to be thought-provoking, encourage you to use your imagination and create your own super animal with super senses.