Super senses? Super animals!

Several stations are designed to be thought-provoking, encourage you to use your imagination and create your own super animals with super senses. What will all of this lead to? Come enjoy the surprise!

You can write or draw the story of your super creature directly in the exhibition and hang it on the wall there. Or you can send us your story by e-mail as text, picture or audio to

We will then publish it on this page!

Super animal from Venus flytrap, firefly, chameleon and bat

Steward, the Venus-flytrap-firefly-chameleon with bat ears, is a peaceful but very skittish contemporary despite his menacing appearance. His favorite pastime is long walks through nature. Since he is completely blind, he doesn't care if he is walking in the light or dark and enjoys the different sounds he can hear depending on the time of day. When he particularly enjoys a hike, his rear end begins to glow brightly. Especially in the dark, this always attracts other animals who are curious to see where the light is coming from. From time to time, they bump into Steward, who gets terribly frightened and changes color in a flash. Since his light also goes out, the other animals usually lose interest quickly and Steward can continue his wanderings undisturbed - until he begins to shine again.

Super animal from rat, lemur, skunk and platypus

My super animal sleeps all day and at night it goes foraging in the water.

Super animal from rat, canary, chameleon and plant

My BEJL can do anything.

Super animal from salmon, canary, chameleon and plant

Super animal from salmon, firefly, skunk and snake

My super animal can do everything you can't!

Super animal from rat, canary, marmot and snake

My super animal uses whiskers to navigate in the dark. It flies during the day to see and admire the forest.

Super animal from robin, lemur, marmot and plant

Sits on the swing all day rocking his feet and drinking smoothies.
The sensory hair on the head makes it feel comfortable, as it feels like it is being stroked.
It also has two antennae on its head so it can sense creativity from its surroundings. When another creature does something, it feels it with the antennae and can write great songs that way.
It has human feet. The grass under the swing grows very high. It perceives the light energy of the plants through its feet.

Super animal from robin, lemur, skunk and plant

Super animal from robin, lemur, marmot and platypus

Super animal from platypus, bat, firefly and chameleon

From the everyday life of a Schna-Fle-Glüh-Leon

Super animal from rat, firefly, chameleon and platypus

Dear diary,

what a night! I had a lousy dream and slept so restlessly that I had to find the way out of the rumpled sheets with my tactile hair this morning... Then I went downstairs really hungry, but there was nothing to eat! So off to the river to use my electric sense to find something tasty! Mhmm, crabs for breakfast! Then I called the clique together with my light signals. But Tito has stirred up trouble, so I first put him in his place with my color pattern! Fortunately, it did not come to a fight... Bella was also there. I flirted with her with light signals, but she did not react. Stupid goat!
We just hung out and chilled the rest of the day. Lazy Sunday...
Tomorrow I'll be back to saving the world.

Your rat-firefly-chameleon-platypus

Super animal from rat, canary, skunk and snake

In my opinion, a super animal eats, drinks, goes in search of a partner and orientates itself.

Super animal from salmon, canary, skunk and plant

My super animal is a pretty relaxed creature. It runs or swims around the whole day with closed eyes, because it always smells where it wants to go. At the same time, it sings wonderfully and therefore doesn't need to worry about finding a mate - they're lining up. However, if anyone unwanted comes too close, it can defend itself very easily: Its stinky spray liquid chases away every enemy! But the best thing is: It doesn't need to spend time for expensive food procurement, it just gets it during its favorite activity: lying in the sun and doing nothing! Thus, it quickly has new energy again.

Super animal from robin, lemur, chameleon and platypus

My super animal is part robin, lemur, chameleon, and platypus. On the daily basis of my animal I would probably be swimming in the water and finding fish to eat, then in the afternoon I would be crawling to find a nice comfy home (tree) to sleep in.

Super animal from salmon, Venus flytrap, skunk and firefly

The LAVESTLE spends the day hidden in the reeds and only comes out at dusk. Then it attracts water insects with its luminous tail fins, which it can catch in a flash with its trap-like hands.

Super animal from rat, lemur, skunk and platypus

My super animal can grant wishes and is called: Rattenkattaskunkschnabeltier

Super animal from salmon, firefly, marmot and snake

Super animal from robin, canary, skunk and Venus flytrap

My super animal didn't like to live alone. Therefore, it learned to sing. Now it sat all day on a branch and sang the most beautiful melodies. A first partner flew in, but it didn't like him at all. My super animal quickly looked for a loophole, which it quickly found thanks to its super magnetic sense. But the other animal did not give up and waited and waited. My super animal ventured out of its hiding place - and when the other animal came too close, it sprayed it with a nasty stinking liquid so that it could have its peace again. When that didn't help either, my super animal remembered another ability. It let the other animal come very close at once and then snapped its catch blade shut! So the intruder was at least useful for a good meal!

Super animal from rat, firefly, skunk and Venus flytrap

She has adventures and is brave. That's why she likes to go exploring with her friends. But what she loves most of all is flying through the air and doing loops. She never lets her friends down and loves nature. Her name is Elli and she is always the smallest of them all. But as they say, "Small but mighty!"
My animal is super cool with her strengths, especially flying.
You're great, little animal!

Super animal from rat, lemur, marmot and Venus flytrap

My super animal surprises the other animals with its abilities: It looks quite cute from the front, as if it couldn't harm anyone. But that's just camouflage! Its real mouth is at the back! With it, it snaps unerringly and eats its prey.

Super animal from rat, fire fly, skunk and snake

Wake up and have breakfast. Then design the latest trendy outfit and put it on. Immediately afterwards, it does TikTok and films for its 1 million followers. It also watches its favourite Netflix series while drinking a coffee and eating an avocado sandwich. After all that, it goes out for lunch and then takes a nap. When it wakes up again, it eats dinner and goes back to sleep. Then it starts all over again.

Super animal from rat, lemur, marmot and plant

The super animal Eddi Rat

It can run fast.
It's cool.
I love you, Eddi.

Super animal de salmon, lemur, chameleon and plant

My super animal is very persistent, it does not give up, it has a dream and a goal, it is playful and colourful, it is careful, it loves and it likes animals.

Super animal from salmon, lemur, chameleon and snake

Super animal from salmon, firefly, marmot and platypus

While my super animal attracts other aquatic insects with wings, feeling them with its platypus tail, it snatches them with its fish mouth. The fur belly of an alpine marmot is an evolutionary remnant.

Super animal from platypus, bat, lemur and chameleon

The Schnaflekatcha feels particularly at home in warm and humid rainforests and climbs, jumps and flies there in the treetops with his friends around the race. With its climbing feet and long tail, it never loses its balance and should the next branch be too far away, it quickly flies over. In search of food, it goes to small ponds to look for food in the shallow water by rummaging through the mud with its beak, or it catches a few insects in flight.

Super animal from rat, canary, skunk and plant

Lyla Rattzilla

Super animal from bat, lemur, chameleon and plant

Super animal from robin, lemur, chameleon and plant

It climbs, it draws. It reads, it relaxes, it does what it can. It helps as much as it can. That's just how the Rotlemchapfla is.

Super animal from bat, canary, marmot and Venus flytrap

The batnarymot of Venus really enjoys to sing and to make music all day and night long! But beware of its dangerous tail... Once it attracts you with its music, the batnarymot of Venus can bite!
But don't worry, if you are friendly with it, this creature will be an awesome friend in return. As a true musician, it makes you sing, dance, and even fly across the sky! And it will always share a good bite of insect with you.

Super animal from bat, lemur, skunk and platypus

Super animal from bat, lemur, marmot and plant


Super animal from salmon, skunk, plant and canary

The salmon-skunk-plant-canary is looking for a partner! Fortunately, it can produce energy from sunlight itself through photosynthesis, because singing complex sequences of notes is not only exhausting - there is also simply no time to go in search of food. Again and again he has to defend his mating place from competitors. To put his rivals to flight, he relies on a smelly liquid. The only bad thing is that he also loses his orientation a bit, since he has to rely on his sense of smell to find his way home...

Super animal from rat, lemur, marmot and platypus

My superrat is very clever, sniffing and groping through the exhibition at night to find food and lost exhibition visitors. Sometimes she succeeds...

Super animal from robin, firefly, skunk and plant

The Green Luminous Dove spends its days in the highest treetops to feed its energy budget on the sun. With its magnetic sense it follows the sun through the changing seasons across the globe and is well camouflaged in all forests by its photosynthetic green color. Only during the mating season it shows a eye-catching luminous pattern at night, but caution is advised: if someone unwanted comes too close, the defense system is deployed with a stink effect!

Super animal from rat, firefly, skunk and Venus flytrap

My super creature lies lazily on a high tree during the day and holds the plant tail in the sun. Only when it gets dark, its chest begins to shine - brighter than the stars and it climbs down to the ground. Here it flits back and forth, digging through the pile of leaves with its whiskers ... and only stinks when the right one (or the wrong one) comes along.

Super animal from bat, firefly, skunk and platypus

My super animal is aligned with nature and able to achieve everything it wants. Just like us.